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Welcome to McGregor Wealth Management. We are financial advisors and long-term planners, with the goal of cultivating financial well-being for our clients at every stage of their life and career. From handling indexed annuities to tax preparation services, our team of professionals will work to bring you the best financial results. But that’s not all we do here. At McGregor, we take a broad view of our clients finances, and that includes things like life insurance and retirement planning. Most of all, we strive to bring financial peace of mind to all of our clients.



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When it comes time to look at your future, no evaluation would be complete without looking at life insurance. For our financial advisors, it plays a vital role in a well rounded financial plan. As you get older, it becomes more and more important to take seriously the role of life insurance in your financial future. That’s why we look at the profile of each and every client that comes into our office and ask if insurance is right for that client. If you have insurance already, a financial advisor will assess the plan you have, and offer alternatives if necessary. If you don’t have insurance, we will help you decide whether it is the right choice for you. In any case, you can be confident that you are getting the best information and making an informed decision for your future.

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Indexed Annuity

From a long-term perspective, there are few bets as safe and consistent as an indexed annuity. Though an indexed annuity is not right for everyone, it can supplement income after retirement for people without a pension or with alternative sources of income. It also allows you a tax-free way of funding your retirement without having to deal with the stress of the stock market’s ups and downs. When you talk to a financial advisor at McGregor, we will explain in detail the options available to you. With that information, we help you make an educated choice regarding your finances.

Tax Preparation Services

For adults young and older, the need for effective tax preparation services is real. What our team brings to the table is both the knowledge to find you more savings, and the experience to build those savings year after year. Our third-party tax preparers use deductions, credits, adjustments, and every other means to find you the most savings available. Our goal is to help you continue to save on your taxes well into your retirement.

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Retirement Planning

Thinking about retirement planning can sometimes be a daunting prospect. Have I saved enough? Do I have the means to live comfortably? Our team of financial advisors has seen countless different situations when it comes to planning for retirement. From life insurance to indexed annuities and tax preparation services, we do it all. The most important thing about retirement planning is being prepared. So take it from the professionals: you can do it. You only need a little help from a group that knows the best ways to help get you there. So give us a call or stop by our office, and let’s get started.

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