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About Us

On the surface, McGregor Wealth Management is an independent retirement planning and wealth management firm. But in reality, we are so much more than that. While we do manage everything from investments and long-term care insurance to retirement planning and wealth conservation, that’s not our real mission. Our most important asset is always the trust of our clients. So we conduct our business with honesty while striving to bring innovative and informative services to our clients. Our mission says it all:

To make an impactful and positive difference in the financial lives of our clients through a professional, ethical, and respectful relationship with our financial and insurance planning team.

Our team believes in taking the long view, by forming strategic partnerships with other business owners in related industries. They include estate planning attorneys, property and casualty agents, and real estate attorneys, among others. By reaching out to experts in all areas that may concern our clients, our goal is to help make sure that you always have a knowledgable professional at your fingertips.

We promise to be proactive, personal, and progressive when it comes to your finances. That means using our 25 years of experience to monitor and anticipate your needs before an issue arises. It means having a dedicated advisor for each client, so you know you have someone to come to with questions or concerns. Finally, it means that we will bring you regular reports on the state of your finances in relation to your goals.

The values that have made our firm successful are the same values that have made our clients successful. Honesty, integrity, education, respect, and customer satisfaction. With these values, we are committed to helping you preserve your financial well-being and future legacy.

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Mark McGregor, CRPC®

Managing Partner

mark mcgregor

Who am I?

You probably have people helping with your investments, legal matters, and taxes…but who makes sure you are getting all the benefits you’re owed?  I do.

My name is Mark McGregor.  I scour Federal, State, local and corporate data bases to find benefits you are owed…but NOT receiving.  It’s what I do.  Yes, we do all the other things as well, Investments, Taxes, Insurance and many others.  Those are the big things, but I also help to make sure the little unknown things are taken care of for you.  It’s also making sure that the little things don’t become big things and big problems.

I got into this business to fill a void I noticed after the passing of one of my friends’ parents who was experiencing hardship due to poor planning.  Seeing the issues first hand they had to deal with then left me feeling that there were lots of financial salespeople, but not many true advisors making sure people were getting all the available benefits they had worked so hard for.  I use the skills I gained from my Bachelor’s Degree from California Polytechnic State University and 24 years of industry experience to get all the benefits that my clients are owed.

I live in Castle Rock, and we are actively involved in sports and charitable organizations such as Unbound who provides personal attention and direct benefits to children, youth, the aging, and their families so they may live with dignity, achieve their desired potential and participate fully in society.

Dawn Choury

A third generation Denver native, Dawn is a veteran of the financial services industry. Beginning her career in the “Penny Stock Era” Dawn has held Management, Trading, Support and Operational roles with firms such as A.G. Edwards & Sons and Northwestern Mutual.  Previously Insurance and Securities licensed, Dawn has a passion for assisting others in enhancing their financial freedom. A graduate of Regis University with a B.S. in Finance and Accounting and an A.S. in Economics, from Community College of Denver, Dawn utilizes her education as well as her experience to deliver strong attention to detail and thrives in multiple financial and accounting roles. She has also been a licensed Residential Employing Real Estate Broker since 2001.

Actively involved in her community, Dawn dedicates her free time to assisting her daughters in their commendable Social Work with at risk youth in Denver and Northern Colorado.  Feeding her appetite for the outdoors, Dawn enjoys golfing, hiking, road trips and music festivals. 

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Angela Walker

Angela Walker is our Medicare Specialist.  She is licensed in 12 states with a team of 15 agents that work with her throughout the US. 

Angela puts emphasis on “educating” medicare eligible clients FIRST to understand the basics of Original Medicare A and B to then find the best Medicare health plan, a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage, for each individual based on their medical and financial needs.

Angela also helps people with dental/hearing/vision coverage AND self employed/independent contractors with medical health plans that will ALWAYS come in lower than national insurance plans.  

Angela’s goal first and foremost for our “under 65” clients in the firm is to protect them from the inflation of the ACA exchange medical insurance plans and help save them money.

Strategic Alliances
Mathew blackburn

Mathew Blackburn is an attorney who specializes in Tax, Business, and Estate Planning for individuals and pass-through entities. He acquired his Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Mississippi State University, a Law Degree from Valparaiso University School of Law and a Master’s of Laws in Taxation from the University of Denver. Before practicing law, Mathew advised start-ups as an accountant and business consultant. Mathew combines legal, tax, and business knowledge with experience to prevent and resolve issues for his clients.

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Financial Planner

Chris Scriminger

My name is Chris Scriminger.  I live in Denver and enjoy skiing and backpacking Colorado.  I am glad to be the newest member of the McGreger Wealth Management Team.

I have a BA in Business Administration from Western State University Business School and I have a background in Insurance Planning including Long Term Care, Disability Income, Life, Medicare, and Group Benefits.  I am Colorado Insurance licensed and I passed the Series 65 securities exam in 2019.

I take a personalized approach to working with clients with an understanding that they come from unique situations and phases in life.  I am dedicated to working with clients for the long term and I believe it is crucial to listen to clients before designing income strategies that will help them work towards their financial goals.

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